Quality Policy

All SOGO products offer their clients a guarantee of 2 years as it establishes Law 23/2003, of 10 of July, on Guarantees on the Sale of Consumer Goods. All our products fulfil European regulations, including the RoHS.

We have specialized Technical Services at your disposal all around the peninsula. But SOGO's commitment with the quality goes beyond regulations established by law. All our products go through an exhaustive quality control before and after their arrival to final consumer.

In SANYSAN APPLIANCES SL we provide a service selling appliances WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CHAIN maintaining customer satisfaction as their primary goal. Based on this, and within the framework of developing a Quality Policy based on ISO 9001: 2015, we commit ourselves to:

 Establishing quality objectives that lead to continuous improvement in the management of the Organization and a commitment to provide the necessary resources and disseminate the policy and objectives of quality to all members of the enterprise a.

 Maintain an updated Quality Management System that guarantees the optimal provision of our services.

 Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations in our work and also that of the business partners that participate in our supply chain.

 Offer an agile and flexible service that adapts to the needs of each situation, with the conviction that we must always be part of the solution and never of the problem

 Promote the vocation of collaboration based on the transversality of the processes, integrating strategically all the agents involved: internal collaborators, external, customers, suppliers, etc.

 Fidelizar our team from the commitment to work for the professional and personal well-being of each of our collaborators but as a cohesive and committed group and above the individual and individual objectives.

 Encourage a proactive attitude and actions dynamics preserving the safety and integrity of the products.

For all this, SANYSAN APPLIANCES appoints personnel responsible for the quality management system, involving the organization in the fulfillment of the acquired commitments.

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Barcelona, August 2017